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Located 2 minutes away from Kamigamo shrine.
Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Kyoto and the Rakuhoku area.

In front of the restaurant we can enjoy views of the Kamo river including one of the five fire mountains of Kyoto’s Daimonji Festival. Funagata , a 200-meter wide sailboat assembled in stones and fire pits. Tourists come to Kyoto from near and far to experience the August fire mountain festival.


From Kyoto

  • City bus No.9 45 min
  • Taxi 30 min

From Shijo Kawaramachi

  • City bus No.37
    30 min

From Keihan Sanjo

  • City bus No.37
  • Taxi 20 min

From Demachiyanagi

  • City buses No.34
  • Kyoto bus No.32,34,35,36,37

From Kitayama Subway Station

  • City buses No.4
  • Walk 10 min

From Kitaoji Subway Station

  • City bus north No.3
  • Walk 20 min
  • Taxi 5 min